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The only fanlisting for the character "Aaron Hotchner" from the tv show "Criminal Minds" listed at The FanlistingsNetwork in the Characters: Book/Movie category.

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This fanlisting was last updated 31st July 2019 and has a total of 92 members from 23 countries with 0 waiting for approval.

About 0.02 fans per day have joined since the fanlisting was opened by Setsu. Who let me adopt the listing in September 2009.

The fanlisting is maintained by Barbayat with the aid of Enthusiast, CodeSort, Fan Update and other sources.

Site Updates

All buttons are back

Posted Sep 13, 2009. Leave a comment?

And now Hotch has all the buttons back—but the fanlisting is still pending anyway as I have not heard anything back from the current owner, Setsu.


Posted Sep 4, 2009. Leave a comment?

I just realised that I had not changed the category number for the fanupdate snippet so the updates were not showing and I also had a typo in the image for the link back to tfl. Shame on me …

But I guess sometimes you need a bit of distance to see those mistakes.

First batch of codes

Posted Sep 3, 2009. Leave a comment?

Okay, making codes takes a lot longer then I remembered—right now I stop to continue on Friday evening.

For now there are, 10 buttons in 50×50, each 35 buttons in 100×35 and 100×50, 20 in 88×31 and four in 200×40 (so I have one to use for the fans fans fans exchange).

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